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Solar Powerbank | 20 LEDs | Gold

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  • Description:


    Solar conversion rate: 10~11%

    Product dimension approx: 
    (L) 122 x (W) 77 x (H) 22 mm.
    Inches: 4.80" x 3.03" x 0.86" 

    Battery Capacity: 8000-1000mAh.

    Net weight: 200g


    Ships from China. Please allow 6-8 weeks, depending on location.  
    Faster shipping via FedEx/DHL is available at a premium price. Approx 7 days.

    Editor's Reviews
    Please note that the 20000mAh - 30000mAh capacity is absolutely false.  
    It's not possible to achieve that capacity in a housing that small. 
    Approx battery capacity is 8000-1000mAh.

    Note 1: The good thing is that with the solar powerbanks is they have batteries in them that are charged by the solar panels. I charge them in the bright sunshine in the mornings where it's at the peak. Rather than get annoyed with the limitations, I see the limitations and work around them and see how much benefit I can get out of a system. The solar powerbanks are really useful because if you use them right, they can do a great deal of good.
    Tips: Put the powerbank into transparent plastic sleeves/waterproof phone protectors/or even a transparent plastic bag. Hang it up on a window that gets a lot of sunlight. If the only way you can get full sunlight is outside, the plastic cover will protect it from rain in case the weather changes suddenly.

    Note 2: 

    Someone said he had issues with the solar powerbank he bought. For me I take things really seriously and am not here just to sell you a product by hook or by crook. I started this project off to offer solutions as best as I possibly can. I don't know the actual issue as to why the product did not work effectively for him yet. If it was a faulty unit, I am most happy to replace or get a *refund (within limits - I will do a write up on this at a later time).

    People living in crowded apartments may have less access to usable sunlight effective enough for powering solar equipment, as compared to someone in a home with a garden. Apartment dwellers don't have the luxury of hanging a powerbank up in the open. Someone will help himself to a new toy.
    In a previous post I did say that solar has its own strengths and weaknesses. I can either be annoyed at limitations and be unhappy I just wasted my money, or I can figure out how best to use the unit in other ways. Personally I use a window hook to hang up my solar panel. You can do this by using transparent plastic bag and hook, or modify your shampoo bottle etc like in these videos:
    A large shampoo bottle might just do the trick. Then again a simple transparent plastic bag works as effectively. 
    If you have to use it outdoors, a transparent plastic bag will also effectively protect it in case it suddenly rains (again, within limits).


    Note: Part of the proceeds of this sale goes towards charitable causes, relief work etc.  Your support is greatly appreciated. 

  • Size: 100 x 74 x 23.5mm

  • Material: Plastic

  • Made By: